10 things that will change on our travels after the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is changing everything around us: our routine, our work, our connection with people and, of course, the way we plan our trips.

At this time it is important that we stay at home, protected, taking care of our health and the people we love; to prevent the spread of the virus. But have you ever thought about how things are going to be done after all this is over?

1. We will be more attentive to the news

Before, when we traveled, it was normal to leave the world aside and focus on the experience and the moment. But now that is going to change. The speed with which the epidemic has traveled the world has changed our priorities regarding the type of information we consume when we are on a journey.

2. Wash our hands, regardless of the pandemic

This is a simple habit that should be part of our lives at home, at work, and on the road, with or without a pandemic. Washing your hands before eating and after using the bathroom, sneezing or coughing costs nothing and makes a big difference in disease prevention. In addition, avoid damaging people who greet, hug, etc.

3. We will avoid walking barefoot

Whether in the corridors of the hotel, on the streets of destination or on the plane, there are those who do not mind walking without shoes from here to there. But this pandemic has taught us that viruses and bacteria can circulate everywhere, and we have no idea where a sick person sneezed or coughed and left the site contaminated.

4. Cover us when we feel sick

This crisis brought us, in addition to more awareness of our health, a much greater awareness of the health of others. When we are sick (even if it looks like a mild flu), we must protect ourselves and take the necessary precautions to avoid infecting someone.

5. We will have more environmental awareness

It is no secret to anyone that during our time in quarantine air quality improved dramatically in several cities around the world, pollution levels dropped, and many animals roamed city streets freely. As if the planet is much better without us, right?

6. Travel insurance and flexibility will be a priority

How many travel plans were ruined by the Coronavirus outbreak? Due to global chaos, airlines, hotels, and house and apartment rental platforms were unanimous in trying to provide free cancellations and changes

7. We will further support local trade

What would have become of us without the corner store during the quarantine?

While the big chains closed their doors, the local businesses left them open, so that we could re-stock up on food and other products necessary to spend the days of confinement.

8. We will not share glasses or cutlery

If someone used to come to a birthday party and share the glass of soda or cake fork with someone, you’re surely already seriously reconsidering this practice.

9. Antibacterial gel will be essential

It is extremely popular during epidemics, it is sold in stores and pharmacies because consumers store it at home. But, after everything passes, the antibacterial gel tubes bought in the midst of the chaos end up being forgotten in the drawers.

10. We will be more patient

We don’t have much control over what happens when we travel, and one way or another this pandemic has shown us that. In times of crisis all our plans, frustration, money spent and vacations canceled, no longer matter. The only thing that matters is our health and the health of the people we love. After all, no trip is worth enough to put our lives at risk, right?

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